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Query in June 2021: I have been working in the IT industry for over 10 years. I am a senior member of the team and quite comfortable and stable in that position and doing fine. For the past couple of years, there have been opportunities for promotion. It seems like it's almost there but at the last moment things fall apart and the promotion does not come to fruition. Can you please advice on the chances of promotion in near future?

First, let's define what does "promotion" really mean. Promotion doesn't necessarily mean change in titles. Having worked in the corporate world, you know that reorgs and restructuring are pretty routine. Sometimes, people's titles get revised or changed to reflect the new reality. So, title change is not necessarily connected to the promotion. Promotion primarily refers to more responsibility or widening the scope of your influence, sometimes with additional compensation.

The analysis of promotion is done from the tenth house. Typically, the mahadasha (MD) or antardasha (AD) or pratyantardasha (PD) of the tenth sublord brings along the promotion. Your tenth sublord is Saturn. You will be under Saturn MD starting mid-September-2021. In view of these planetary combination, the PD of Saturn/Saturn/Saturn from mid-September-2021 to late-February-2022 shows high probability to achieve your desired goal. Now, let's try to narrow the time span further using Sun transits. Sun will be transiting through Saturn's signs Capricorn and, then Aquarius and then, Saturn's nakshatra Uttarabhadrapada in the last few weeks of the said time range. Bottomline: The months of late-January and February 2022 are the months that are very likely to fulfill your desire.

Query in September 2020: Currently I am employed but looking for a change. When will get a new job?

Analysis of job (earnings from work) is done using sixth house as the primary house and second, tenth and eleventh houses as the supporting houses.

Your sixth sublord is Jupiter. It is not a significator of any of the houses (2, 6, 10, 11) relevant to the job. Further, Jupiter is a significator of first (12th from second) house, fifth (12th from sixth) house and twelfth house. Thus Jupiter is a significator of houses of negation for the job. This is not a very conducive planetary combination for job. So your job situation will be challenging. Now, let's look at the timing of job in the near future. You will under the antardasha (AD) of Rahu/Ketu from mid-October-2020 to late-October-2021. Rahu is a significator of eleventh house and Ketu is a significator of sixth (and twelfth) house. It means the said period is supportive of finding an employment albeit weaker. This is a one year period. That's too long a date range. Let's try to narrow it down. Within the AD of Rahu/Ketu, let's look at the pratyantar dasha (PD) of each of the planets. After the PD of Rahu/Ketu/Ketu, next planets are Venus, Sun and Moon. None of these 3 planets are significators of second, sixth, tenth (Venus is) or eleventh houses. So the PD periods of these planets are not very supportive of job. Next PD is Rahu/Ketu/Mars that runs from late-February-2021 to late-March-2021. Mars is a significator of eleventh (job supportive) house. Further, Sun will be transiting through second house (dhan-sthan) from late-February-2021 to late-March-2021. During this period Sun will also be transiting through Shatabhisha (Shatataraka) nakshatra that is owned by Rahu (significator of eleventh house - house of desires). Bottomline: Looking at these PD periods and Sun transits, late-February-2021 to late-March-2021 is the most likely period to land a job.

Query in August 2020: When will get a married?

First of all, let's understand what "wedding" really means. In the olden days (when astrology was developed), relationship without marriagewas considered taboo. Hence the ancient astrological scriptures equated relationship to marriage. In the 21st century, however, "wedding" refers to relationship. So when we discuss the wedding yog, we are really discussing relationship yog.

Having said that, first let's check if the wedding yog exists. In your horoscope seventh sublord is Saturn and it is a significator of eleventh house. This means wedding yog exists. Now, let's look at the timing... The wedding yog(s) are operative during the mahadasha(MD)/antardasha(AD) periods of significators of second, seventh and eleventh houses. Below is the list of significators of these houses. S(2): Mars, Venus S(7): Mars, Venus S(11): Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu Now, let's look at the mahadasha/antardasha/pratyantardasha(PD) periods of these planets over the next two years. Currently, you are under AD of Venus/Jupiter that started in June-2018 and will end in February-2021. Within this period: PD (Venus/Jupiter/Venus): mid-October-2019 to mid-March-2020 PD (Venus/Jupiter/Mars): late-June-2020 to late-September-2020 After this period, you will be under AD of Venus/Saturn that runs from mid-February-2021 to mid-April-2024. Within this period: PD (Venus/Saturn/Saturn): mid-February-2021 to mid-August-2021 So... the wedding yog(s) are operative during the time periods listed in the PD of these planets. We will ascertain the specific month within these periods as we approach these periods vis-a-vis your situation at that time. You continue to put in your efforts and planets are very likely to give you the results. Also, since your seventh sublord Saturn is a significator of fifth house, it is very likely that your future spouse will be someone known to you... in Indian lingo - love marriage :) Bottomline: Looking at these PD periods, late-February-2021 to mid-August-2021 is the most likely period to tie the knot.

Query in March 2020: Quite ironic that a couple of days back we were talking about the coronavirus pandemic and I knew that this situation will stay for long. I also did mention that I am doing well at my job. This morning, I was served with a termination notice and I have been given three months to find opportunities. This has come as a big blow for me.Can you please advise on when am I likely to find a new job?

First, we will see why you lost the job. You were under the pratyantar dasha (PD) of Saturn/Moon/Saturn from 10-February-2020 to 10-May-2020. Saturn being the significator of your eighth and twelfth house (generally speaking these houses are detrimental to your desires), its PD resulted in the loss. Although your email says that you were served the notice in very recently, you probably sensed some signs of trouble as you traveled through the said period. Please let me know if you did or not. It will help me refine and enrich my analysis.

Now, let's look into the future. Over the next three months, you will be under the PD of the following planets as shown below. PD (Saturn/Moon/Mercury): 10-May-2020 to 1-Aug-2020 PD (Saturn/Moon/Ketu): 1-Aug-2020 to 4-Sep-2020 Mercury and Ketu both are the significators of first, fourth and sixth houses suggesting that their PD periods create the yog for landing a job. However, this period falls within the unprecedented pandemic period. I have never experienced this kind of global event and don't know how it would affect the individual's job prospects. Just being honest about my knowledge (or lack thereof). Let's see what happens. Bottomline: ,i>With the said uncertainty, I analyzed your horoscope for the next yog for landing a job. You will be under the PD of Saturn/Mars/Mars from 7-Jan-2021 to 1-Feb-2021. Mars is the significator of your sixth and eleventh houses. So its PD period is a very strong yog for landing a job.

Query in August 2018: Hi, my husband is opening a dental practice in roughly 8 weeks from scratch. Could you please advise regarding the success of this business venture and future ventures. I have previously had a reading by you which I found to be very accurate, hence I am reaching out to you again.

The analysis of professional success is done based upon the study of second, sixth, tenth and eleventh houses. Your husband is starting a dental practice. To analyze his success in this profession, first we need to establish the type of business dentistry is... meaning whether is a business serving other businesses or serving government agencies or serving consumers etc. With that line of reasoning dentistry is kind of a retail business because he will be serving many "customers" (patients). Now, let's see what his horoscope says about the success in this line of business.

Your husband's tenth sublord is Sun and it is placed in tenth house itself in Aries sign - a movable sign. Sun's nakshatra lord is Venus is placed in eleventh house (in chalit chart) in Gemini sign - a dual sign. This planetary combinations grants success in retail type of business. This is a good! Now, let's look at the timing...especially, next couple of years. Currently, your husband is under antardasha of Rahu/Ketu that ends in February 2019. Then he will be under antardasha of Rahu/Venus from February 2019 to February 2022. The current mahadasha swami Rahu is a significator of sixth and tenth houses. Current antardasha swami Ketu is a significator of second and eleventh houses. Next antardasha swami Venus is a significator of tenth and eleventh houses. These planetary combinations are very supportive of business. Bottomline: The business outlook is good. He will see an upswing in the business starting January 2019. It doesn't mean that the period from now through the end of the year is bad. It's just a matter of establishing the business and finding his groove.

Query in January 2017: I am looking for a work change in 2017. will I be successful in perceiving a new Job, or just stick with the current one?

I analyzed your query re: job change. Based upon KP astrology, you are currently under the Venus mahadasha and Jupiter antardasha that will end in February 2017. Since Jupiter is not a significator of second, sixth, tenth or eleventh houses job change in the next month or so looks unlikely.

After that you will be under antardasha of Venus/Saturn that will end in July 2017. Since Venus is a significator of second house and Saturn is a significator of tenth house, the chances of job change are good. Bottomline: Put in your efforts and your wish will come true by July 2017.

Query in October 2016: Is there divorce in my life?

I created your horoscope using the birth information you provided. Below is my response to your query.

You have Makar lagna (ascendant). Your Chandra rashi is Mithun (Gemini) and nakshatra is Mrigashirsha. Now to your query....The analysis of divorce and separation is done based upon the seventh sublord and it associations with other planets. Your seventh sublord is Rahu. It is not a significator of any of the houses (1, 6, 8, 10, 12) related to divorce. So, your horoscope does not show divorce. Currently, you are under antardasha of Mercury/Ketu that will end in September 2017. Both Mercury and Ketu are significators of your sixth house. As a result the antardasha period of Mercury/Ketu is going to create stress in the relationship and makes it vulnerable to divorce or separation. Bottomline: While your horoscope doesn't indicated divorce, for life events that involve other parties, the horoscopes of both the parties need to be studied to arrive at a definitive conclusion.

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