Astrology Training

Interested in learning astrology? Nitin provides astrology training in 1-on-1 as well as group setting. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to do the predictive analysis of the horoscopes. Below is the information on the training classes offered.

Course Contents:

  • What is astrology?
  • What are your expectations from the course?
  • Horoscope Introduction
  • 12 houses and what they depict
  • 12 signs and their attributes
  • 9 planets and their attributes
  • 9 planets and signs they own, exalted, delibitated
  • Casting a horoscope
  • Analyzing a Horoscope
  • Vinshottari dasha system
  • Planetary transits
  • KP astrology: Nakshatra, sub lord, house groupings, ruling planets and more
  • Case studies covering major life events like: relationships, wedding, birth of a child, buying property, job changes/losses, promotion, financial status, court cases, health, longevity

Course Delivery:

  • Live and interactive Zoom session (not a recorded video clip)
  • Twice a week (Usually Tuesday and Friday) 6:30pm to 7:30pm Pacific time but flexible depending upon the participants
  • Duration: Approx 4 to 5 months depending upon the collective pace of the participants.
  • Personal make up sessions available at no extra cost but be reasonable :)
  • Number of participants: 1 to 5 (This ensures personal attention to the individual needs of the participants)
  • All study material (soft copies) will be provided.
  • Course commencement: Depending upon the mutually agreed date and time (for single and multiple participants).


  • $599 nonrefundable per participant (For participants outside of India)
  • INR 45,000 nonrefundable per participant (For participants residing in India)

Post-training Support:

  • The participants will have access to the instructor even after the completion of the course. The participants will work with the instructor to refine their skills.


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